Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Episode 7 Quick Review

This is a manga spoiler free review. Please watch the episode before reading. Thanks ūüėČ

This episode we get into the midist of the action. Mikasa almost gives up! When she hears Eren’s words in her head “fight!”, she has the resolve to keep fighting.


That part was awesome!¬† The gore during that part was great aswell; Mikasa’s shocked face showed how blown away she was by this development.

Arimin grabs Mikasa, and they watch the battle take place.

So next episode the goal is to get the gas so they can jump the wall and escape. Hopefully there is no more sacrifices

And jean.. good going finally he realizes he’s not cut out for leadership with the death of his comrades… yeah good going

Type predictions you have for what will happen next episode! ūüôā

(Ill add pictures when I’m doing watching mr.crainers stream.. heh)


Shingeki no Kyojin is similar to Shinsekai Yori?

This is an idea that just came to me 2 minute’s ago while trying to fall asleep. No, I’m not comparing Shinsekai Yori to Shingeki, just drawing parallel’s.
If you are not aware, Shingeki no Kyojin is “Attack on Titan”. I’ll just¬†infer¬†you’ve heard of it by now (WHO HASN’T). If not look it up on MAL.


If you didn’t know, Shinsekai Yori was an anime that came out during the Fall 2012 Anime Season. Having 2 part’s, it ran until the ending of March. Shinsekai Yori was set in a dystopian world in 3000, 1000 years after our current time. People have¬†psychokinesis¬†– they can control thing’s with their mind.

Basically¬†some parallel’s or¬†similarity’s¬†I came up with:

  • Both set in a dystopian type world
  • Both occur in a primitive-like era
  • Both society’s hold¬†secrets
  • Both society’s have¬†government’s aiming to protect their town’s in crude way’s
  • Both¬†society’s¬†are stuck inside a cage-like area
  • Both world’s contain abnormal creature’s
  • Both stories solve the mystery’s of their world and face the hardships of their society
  • Both stories have wars against “human like creatures”

I could go on, but then I’d be drawing into spoiler¬†territory. I’d rather not go there.

Tell me what you think! Is Shingeki no Kyojin similar to Shinsekai Yori?

I’d¬†recommend¬†watching Shinsekai Yori if your into mystery or killing (so if your liking Shingeki; also¬†FYI¬†it’s a bit slower, but still adapts the source material smoothly)

(Also I’m aware alot of shows are like these too. I chose Shinsekai Yori for the fact that it just finished airing).


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Watch Shingeki no Kyojin on Crunchyroll!

Quick Update


I am going to attempt to write an article about the Winter Season. This is the first season I’m attempting to review, so no pro or anything. Watch out for that soon!
I am also going to add this – with the whole “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Attack on Titan) hype going around, I am not much into the ANIME as other people. Yet – I totally died over the manga. I want to talk (not really review) about it in the near future as well.