Summer 2013 Anime Season – Summed Up

My thoughts on the season so far. Havent watched everything.
Dog and Scissors – Weird dog harem. Comedy not terrible, but is repetetive. Most likley won’t drop. Watched 3 Episodes.
Gifu Dodo – Confusing plot with samurai and Japanese culture. Will probably drop. Watched 1 Episode (Will update after watching episode 2).
Day Break Illusion – So far a intresting messed up magical girl show. Will probably not drop. Watched 1 Episode (Will update).
Fantasista Doll – Yuri harem? (Will drop if no yuri harem) Watched 1 Episode
Watamote – Intresting comedy about a anti-social girl. Connectiable main character. Will not drop. Watched 2 Episodes.
Silver Spoon – Farming anime with enjoyable comedy. Educaaaaaation! Will never drop. Watched 2 Episodes.
Sunday without god – Intresting so far. Has potential (Will update).
Dangan Ronpa – I looooooooooove it so much (but I know the story…). Mystery and really sad premise. Will never stop watching.


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