AMNESIA – Episode 3 Review


This story takes place in a fictional town, in a fictional country, in a fictional world. One morning, a young lady awakens to find that she has lost all her memories prior to that morning. Her life, her relationships, her very name—all gone. All that’s left is a cell phone with numbers and names she doesn’t recognize and Orion, a young boy that only she appears to be able to see. With Olion’s guidance, she struggles to make sense of herself, a boyfriend she doesn’t know and the thousand and one little things that make up a daily life. But with no memories left, the only alternative is to forge new ones, even if that means leaving old loves behind.

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)


My first review.. ever! Let’s get this show on the road.

In the beginning, it takes it at a slow pace. Through out this time, we see that Shin is beginning to notice something peculiar about (Ill call her the heroine) the heroine. They keep panning to his face every time he would notice something off – actually kinda bugged me. She goes to prepare some refreshments, and ends up making a mess. Well, shes clumsy! 


Shin is really starting to notice somethings wrong now. He tricks her by lying – saying the amount of time they dated has been a year when its really been 3 months – and goes on the see threw her lie. She confesses, and they go on a “trip threw memory”. 

Apparently she goes to college! (did I miss something in the last 2 eps..)
And she also sings……. okay, can anyone imagine her singing? Her voice is super quiet. I just cant imagine it at all. The way Shin made her character out to be sounded like a completely different person. And then – when there in the band room, Shin tries to kiss her! That scene just seemed forced.

After all that, they go out to lunch with Toma. Shin told him before hand that the heroine’s memory is messed up. Okay – that guy is the opposite of Shin. Completely the opposite. It’s like your average case of Dark Vs. Light. It’s pretty common in alot of anime’s, but I guess it works here. Then they walk home .. sleep.. 

She’s late for work! They hurry over; he apparently doesn’t have to work anymore. Everyone was excited to see her back, all came up and greeted her. Then the scene shifts to the Woman’s Dressing Room (DONT GET ANY WRONG THOUGHT HERE). Heroine ask’s them about what happened the night of the accident. Apparently, there story doesn’t match up with her’s. The girls tell it as “they were all at the house when Shin came back all calm; they went out to look for her with some mysterious photographer” WHO COULD HE BE?! This doesn’t seem to match up to the heroines story.

My speculation is this is some kind of parallel dimension thing – and she switched dimensions when she fell? That’s all I could gather for the episode

Anyway, the episode finish’s with them sitting on a park bench, Shin and the heroine. He doesn’t want to talk about the accident when she asks her. I believe he to be hiding something (well no duh). At the last moment, the heroine here’s Orion’s voice distantly away. Were could he be? I seriously have no idea.. parallel dimension theory!


Meh.. I guess the episode was okay. Slow at parts, but it did reveal some things. Like why didn’t there story’s connect? If you have any other interesting theory’s, I’d love to hear them!



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