Thoughts on Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


OAV is not the actual ending of the game Corpse Party. Just clarifying

If you were to not compare this OAV to the game, it’s not terrible. The animators did a good job on the gore aspects. The creepy atmosphere Heavenly Host Elementary has is also perfectly shown in the OAV. Beyond these few points, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls fell short. There were alot of things that I did not like about the OAV, but there where a few good points.

– Pacing
 The pacing was absolutely dreadful. The animators attempted to rush through the whole story in just 4 episodes, leaving out important key points in the story. I was left wondering “how did this character end up here?”, “why is this happening?”. I know they only had a limited time frame, but they totally cut out the part of Ayumi and Yoshiki searching for the tongues!

– Emotion
 The part where Yuka dies probably irked me the most. Yes Satoshi was distraught, but just for the one scene. Afterwards he never really showed sadness again. Jeez, his sister just died! Maybe’s it’s just his character. Ayumi on the other hand barley acknowledged Yoshiki’s death. Naomi was the only one really sad after losing a friend, Seiko.  

– Death Scenes
One thing I really liked about the OAV was all the detail in the death scenes. Yes they were rushed, but still had enough impact to make you think “woah that’s gross!”, and “no he/she died!”. Yuka to me personally had the worst death scene. 

– Plot Changes
Did not mind these. I’m hopeful that this can get popular so we can have a real Corpse Party TV show adaption! 

Summing this up, the OAV had a rushed pace, spiraling emotions, and okay death scenes. If you were to watch it without knowing the game, you might like it better but be more confused. In conclusion, the OAV was okay. Watch it if your a fan of the series. 

Yuka and Yoshiki T_T (I actually don’t care for Satoshi lol)

What happened to Satoshi? How the hell could his body just disappear like that.. 


Well there goes Morshirige 


Summer 2013 Anime Season – Summed Up

My thoughts on the season so far. Havent watched everything.
Dog and Scissors – Weird dog harem. Comedy not terrible, but is repetetive. Most likley won’t drop. Watched 3 Episodes.
Gifu Dodo – Confusing plot with samurai and Japanese culture. Will probably drop. Watched 1 Episode (Will update after watching episode 2).
Day Break Illusion – So far a intresting messed up magical girl show. Will probably not drop. Watched 1 Episode (Will update).
Fantasista Doll – Yuri harem? (Will drop if no yuri harem) Watched 1 Episode
Watamote – Intresting comedy about a anti-social girl. Connectiable main character. Will not drop. Watched 2 Episodes.
Silver Spoon – Farming anime with enjoyable comedy. Educaaaaaation! Will never drop. Watched 2 Episodes.
Sunday without god – Intresting so far. Has potential (Will update).
Dangan Ronpa – I looooooooooove it so much (but I know the story…). Mystery and really sad premise. Will never stop watching.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Episode 7 Quick Review

This is a manga spoiler free review. Please watch the episode before reading. Thanks 😉

This episode we get into the midist of the action. Mikasa almost gives up! When she hears Eren’s words in her head “fight!”, she has the resolve to keep fighting.


That part was awesome!  The gore during that part was great aswell; Mikasa’s shocked face showed how blown away she was by this development.

Arimin grabs Mikasa, and they watch the battle take place.

So next episode the goal is to get the gas so they can jump the wall and escape. Hopefully there is no more sacrifices

And jean.. good going finally he realizes he’s not cut out for leadership with the death of his comrades… yeah good going

Type predictions you have for what will happen next episode! 🙂

(Ill add pictures when I’m doing watching mr.crainers stream.. heh)

Shingeki no Kyojin is similar to Shinsekai Yori?

This is an idea that just came to me 2 minute’s ago while trying to fall asleep. No, I’m not comparing Shinsekai Yori to Shingeki, just drawing parallel’s.
If you are not aware, Shingeki no Kyojin is “Attack on Titan”. I’ll just infer you’ve heard of it by now (WHO HASN’T). If not look it up on MAL.


If you didn’t know, Shinsekai Yori was an anime that came out during the Fall 2012 Anime Season. Having 2 part’s, it ran until the ending of March. Shinsekai Yori was set in a dystopian world in 3000, 1000 years after our current time. People have psychokinesis – they can control thing’s with their mind.

Basically some parallel’s or similarity’s I came up with:

  • Both set in a dystopian type world
  • Both occur in a primitive-like era
  • Both society’s hold secrets
  • Both society’s have government’s aiming to protect their town’s in crude way’s
  • Both society’s are stuck inside a cage-like area
  • Both world’s contain abnormal creature’s
  • Both stories solve the mystery’s of their world and face the hardships of their society
  • Both stories have wars against “human like creatures”

I could go on, but then I’d be drawing into spoiler territory. I’d rather not go there.

Tell me what you think! Is Shingeki no Kyojin similar to Shinsekai Yori?

I’d recommend watching Shinsekai Yori if your into mystery or killing (so if your liking Shingeki; also FYI it’s a bit slower, but still adapts the source material smoothly)

(Also I’m aware alot of shows are like these too. I chose Shinsekai Yori for the fact that it just finished airing).


Watch Shinsekai Yori on Crunchyroll!

Watch Shingeki no Kyojin on Crunchyroll!

Quick thoughts on Spring 2013 Anime Season

As the season is nearing the halfway mark, I decided to share my opinions on the shows I am watching thus far. I’m not watching everything – I plan to marathon a few like Suisei no Gargantia and Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince at the end.


Hataraku Maou-sama! 

My favorite of the season thus far. It’s a comedy with the supernatural and demons with hero’s mixed together into one gigantic salad. The Demon Lord, Maou, and his servant, Ashiya, get stranded in the Human world after a fierce battle in their own world. They blend into human society and live their lives in poverty. I would recommend this if you like comedy with some cool action scenes


Shingeki no Kyojin

You’ve probably already heard of this anime, with all the hype that its getting. I will make this brief – it has a unique story with gore and action scenes pilled high. If your into that sort of stuff, give it a watch. I myself read the manga, and have to say this is one faithful manga adaption.


Date a Live

This isn’t exactly generic, but not unique either. It’s a typical romantic comedy, but set up like a dating video game. Our main character, Shidou, must date spirit girls in order to protect the world. If you like generic romantic comedy’s with some supernatural elements, give this a watch.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

I bring you, the anime with the hair fetish. If Cuticle Tantei Inaba wasn’t enough. Well, give it a go if your into that.
In all seriousness, this hasn’t been bad so far. The story revolves around Iwai, the hair queen, and Kiri’s relationship. Kiri fights off the author’s attempts at Iwai’s life, because if she is killed, their wish may be granted. Kiri, being an author himself, can protect her. Romance and supernatural aspects, with some fan service thrown in.
(Kiri is the one with the hair fetish btw)

Excuse me for my lazyness, but I can summarize the rest of these shows in a few words

RDG: Red Data Girl is Japanese Shinto legends with some romance and supernatural aspects.

Karneval (TV) is the generic shoujo of the season

Nyaruko-san and Oreimo are just second seasons, much like their prequels.

Please comments and give constructive criticizm for my post, I would appreciate it greatly

Quick Update


I am going to attempt to write an article about the Winter Season. This is the first season I’m attempting to review, so no pro or anything. Watch out for that soon!
I am also going to add this – with the whole “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Attack on Titan) hype going around, I am not much into the ANIME as other people. Yet – I totally died over the manga. I want to talk (not really review) about it in the near future as well.

I also like this song!

{Words of Songs}

When Cicadas ry
Vocals: Shimamiya Eiko

Behind where I looked back; (Who’s in the front?)
In the dark, I sank in my nails (and tore apart the night)

The raindrops turn into droplets of blood and travel down my cheeks
If there’s no place for me to return to anywhere anymore

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I love this song ❤

{Words of Songs}

The Flower of Hell
Vocals: Shimamiya Eiko
Lyrics: Shimamiya Eiko
Composition: Nakazawa Tomoyuki
Arrangement: Nakazawa Tomoyuki & Ozaki Takeshi

C’mon, let’s forget that the future
Will be smeared in blood again
If the tepid wind winds in coils
It’s probably a sign

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